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Cruise Alert!!!

There will be a “Are you the One?” talent competition taking place during your One Together in Covenant cruise!

When: Sunday, October 26
Where: Club Fusion, Deck 7
Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Categories for entry:

  1. Singing
  2. Dancing
  3. Poetry/ Spoken Word
  4. Miscellaneous (All talent outside of the above listed categories)

Host:  Martha Jenkins
Entry Deadline: Wednesday, October 22

For Entry into the talent show please email the following to:

  1. Name
  2. Category of Entry
  3. Home Church

All participants will be judged in the following area’s: 

  1. Originality/ Creativity
  2. Entertainment Value
  3. Audience Appeal
  4. Skill Level
  5. WOW Factor


Friday, October 17th, is the last day the travel office can assist with online registration with Princess Cruise Line.

Visit Cruise Personalizer® to complete online registration and print your travel documents. You will also need to ensure your name appears exactly as shown in your passport or birth certificate and government issued photo ID. If the name or date of birth does not match, it’s important to contact the travel agent at 205.425.4735 (ask for the Travel Office) to correct this information. Also, verify that your passport details and emergency contact information are complete and correct. You will need your booking number. Cruise Personalizer® is located at the Princess Cruise Lines web site.

To complete online registration, log onto Click on “booked guests”. From the menu, select “My Booking (Cruise Personalizer)”. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process. Upon completion, you will print out your boarding pass. You will also be able to print out your luggage tags. Please bring the boarding pass with you on the day of embarkation, along with your travel documents.

All guests, regardless of their country of citizenship and/or residency, must provide their full and complete Passenger Immigration information for this voyage. U.S. Government regulations require Princess Cruise Line to submit the guest manifest to the Department of Homeland Security prior to the sailing date. Failure to provide complete immigration information WILL result in denial of boarding without refund of the cruise fare. If you have already completed online check-in, please disregard this message.

For any questions, contact the travel office at 205.425.4735, Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST. We look forward to cruising with you!

Finalize Your Flight Payments!

If you requested flights to the Fort Lauderdale or Miami International Airports, you were asked to make a $50 deposit to book your flight. It is now time for you to complete your flight payments. Please complete your balance by utilizing the link below. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your flight balance and which option you should choose, feel free to contact the travel office at 205-425-4735 during business hours.

Please be sure to select the appropriate flight payment.

Flight Balance Payments
$220 VCMI Flight $178.00 USD
$250 VCMI Flight $208.00 USD
$270 NLIM Flight $232.00 USD
$290 NLIM Flight $252.00 USD

Complete Your Shuttle Service Request Form

If you are in need of shuttle services to the pier from the Fort Lauderdale International Airport or the Miami International Airport, it is imperative that you complete a shuttle service request form. Transportation services are also available for those who need transportation back to the airport once we return.

The forms will be used to ensure we have the proper number/size of shuttle service vehicles to ensure everyone reaches the pier in a timely manner.

Click Here for the Shuttle Service Form

We're No Longer Registering Outside Bookings…

Registration for the One Together In Covenant Conference is now closed to outside bookings. All persons interested in attending the conference, must book directly with the conference travel agent in order to participate in all activities and workshops planned for ONE Together in Covenant Conference.

No more registrations will be accepted if booked outside of this agency.

Please call the agency at 205-425-4735 for any questions.

Now Accepting Online Deposits

In an effort to make your deposits as convenient as possible, in addition to payments by phone and mail, Divine Favor Travel Agency is now accepting cruise deposits online via the Paypal links provided below.

You may make deposits for your booking online in $100 increments. There is a $4 transaction fee per $100 deposit online. Just a reminder, the third payment of $100 is due by March 30th. Please note, only payments in increments of $100 can be made online. CRUISE DEPOSITS  $100


If you desire to make a payment other than $100, you may utilize the postal system, or contact the office (Tuesday – Thursday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST). If paying by check or money order, make check payable to Adventure Travel Agency. Payments by mail should be forwarded to Divine Favor Travel Agency, PO Box 361281, Birmingham, AL 35236.