Pastor Deborah Powe

Pastor Deborah PowePastors Greg and Deborah H. Powe are the proud parents of Gregory Alexander, Christopher Lamar, Bryan Michael and Chrystle Nichole, who are all actively involved in advancing the vision of Revealing Truth Ministries Christian Center, Inc.


Pastor Greg Powe was born in Mobile, Alabama, on January 25, 1955. After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, he met Deborah and they wedded on November 26, 1976. Deborah H. Powe is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She earned a Bachelor degree in Business Education, with a minor in Business Administration, from the University of South Alabama. In April 2008, Gregory Alexander wedded Rashonda Avant and Gregory Alexander Powe, III, became a blessed addition to the Powe Family.


While residing in Georgia, they were introduced to Dr. Creflo Dollar, who was an Assistant Pastor at a local church in College Park, Georgia. When Dr. Dollar started World Changers Ministries, Greg and Deborah Powe joined him in pioneering this new ministry. On December 8, 1988, Greg and Deborah were ordained as Ministers of the Gospel after being trained in Ministry at World Changers Church International. After five years of serving under Dr. Dollar as an Assistant Pastor and Administrator, the Powes relocated to Tampa, Florida, and founded Revealing Truth Ministries.


In addition to being ordained Ministers, both Greg and Deborah are gifted authors, having published several books including, but not limited to, “Faith, Purpose and True Prosperity”, “It’s Just A Dime”, “My Marriage Is Broken-Can It Be Fixed”, “So You Think You’re In Love”, “Purpose of The Promise”, “Big Vision, Big Provision”, “The ABCs of Faith”, and “Success Habits”…all publications still popular today.


Today, the ministry is continuing to grow and expand and is home to various ministries (Couples in Covenant, CORE, KC2, etc.), as well as over 5,000 members.